Manchester Museum

Oxford Road, Manchester, , M13 9PL

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Manchester Museum is the UK’s leading university museum and a proud part of the University of Manchester.

Visit Manchester Museum and explore their vast collection of artefacts and research. This includes: 

Ancient Egypt and Sudan -  one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the UK.
The Vivarium - responsible for establishing important captive breeding programmes for some of the country's most Critically Endangered species.
Living Cultures - this collection consists of around 18,000 objects from Africa, the Americas, Asia the Middle East and Oceania.
Earth Sciences - this collection is made up of Pre-historic Life and Rocks and Minerals.
Money - this collection of 76,000 items is particularly rich in Greek and Roman coins, with extensive series from mainland Europe, India and the Far East.
Archaeology - this collection comes from the whole of the Ancient World, covering a time-span from the Palaeolithic to the seventeen century AD.
Animals - from Aardvarks to zebras, giant whales to microscopic single-celled animals, the Museum collection includes roughly one million preserved animals.
Archery - the collection of over 4,000 objects consists of archery material from all over the world.
Plants and Fungi - the Manchester Museums's extensive botanical collection brings together plants from all over the globe.
Entomology - the Manchester Museum's worldwide collection of bugs contains a great variety of organisms, such as insects, spiders, centipedes, millipedes and crustaceans.  

Opening Times

Open 10am - 5pm every day including Sundays and bank holidays.

Please check site for opening times around Christmas period. 



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