Water World

Festival Park, Etruria. Hanley, Stock-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 5PU

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Water World is the UK's number one Tropical Indoor Aqua Park. The Facility is built around a wave pool with slides, rides, flumes and features available. There is plenty to do for all ages, weak and strong swimmers.

We are open all year round and only close when it is necessary to refurbish or install new features.

Water world has over 300 car parking spaces which is enough to accommodate all of our guests on most weeks of the year and is free of charge. Vehicles left on our car park are done so at your own risk. Water world does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles using our car park.

The lockers require a token which can be obtained from reception at a cost of £1.50. A 50 pence refund will be given for every token returned upon exit.

The changing area is designed for families and so is a communal changing area with individual cubicles.

The hairdryers require a 20 pence piece and last for around 2 minutes.

The Body Dryer requires £1 and will dry up to 4 people each time.

The changing area is family orientated therefore is communal. There are family cubicles and single cubicles to every isle. There are baby changing facilities in each of the family cubicles. The disabled cubicles are located at the top end of the changing rooms (please read "Disabled Access" for more information).

The showers are communal. Swim wear must be worn at all times.

The air temperature is between 32C and 34C

The pool temperature is between 30C and 31C

The depth of the wave pool ranges from zero depth on the beach to 1.8 metres in the wave pool. It is designed as a beach effect in the form that the further out you go, the deeper it gets.

Weak/Non swimmers are not permitted to use the deep end of the wave pool and must stay in the designated area for weak/non swimmers (the shallow area). There are clear signs and Lifeguards to help you adhere to this.

Opening Times

Please contact Water World for the latest opening times.


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10am-3pm
  • Thursday: 10am-3pm
  • Friday: 2pm-9pm (6pm-9pm Aqua Disco)
  • Saturday: 10am-5pm (peak prices)
  • Sunday: 10am-5pm (peak prices)

As from Friday 29th November2013, Our Aqua Disco opening times are changing. Aqua Disco will take place every Friday night from 6pm – 9pm and will be priced at £6.95 per person, or £7.95 with an Aqua Meal. Parent and Toddler price will be £8.99 or £10.99 with Aqua Meals.

Admission Peak Price

  • Over 1.1 metres tall: Normal price of £10.49
  • Under 1.1 metres tall: £7.49
  • Parent & Toddler: £14.50
  • Spectator: Normal price £10.49 (£6 refund upon exit)
  • Family of 4: £37.50
  • Family of 5: £47.50
  • Family of 6: £56.50

Admission Off Peak Price (Please check our off peak days on our table above)

  • Over 1.1 metres tall: £9.49Under 1.1 metres tall: Free
  • Spectator: £9.49 (£6 refunded upon exit)
  • Family of 4: £34.50
  • Family of 5: £42.50
  • Family of 6: £51.50

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